For 30 years companies large and small have relied on Jansco  to help them succeed at retail.  Whether they’re established, industry leaders breaking into a new category, or young startups ready to bring their lines to market, Jansco’s vendors have a few things in common.

Select current and former vendors include:


Why vendors choose Jansco

 You’re the best, and want to keep it that way

You make exciting, innovative, unique products.  You deliver outstanding service.  You are building or growing a world-class organization.  And in a competitive environment you stay focused on those strengths and goals every day. You know that every part of your organization – especially sales – needs to bring that same expertise to the job, and share that same commitment to excellence. Hiring a rep firm that already knows the customer, understand the processes, timing and systems, means that you can keep focusing on what’s makes you the best.

You want the message delivered

You know what you do well, what’s special about your product or service, and what sets it apart.  You also know that your competition is already on the shelf, or already talking to the retailer about their products.  So to get that shelf space for your line, it’s essential that your sales force knows how to present your complete message to the customer.  You have a lot of tools, and we’ll use every one of them. Our team takes the time to learn not just your product, but your mission.  Tell us what makes your company special, what makes your product unique, what makes your service world-class.  And then we’ll make sure the customer sees the complete picture, so they can choose you.

You want a partnership with the customer

You understand that successful relationships with the retailer are built on communication.  You want to tell your story, and you also want to understand the customer’s needs.  After all, you can only get what you want if you are helping them get what they want.  So we make sure that flow of information goes both ways.  Regular sales call reports, updates on advertising and promotional opportunities, updates on what’s working and what’s not, the latest retailer corporate objectives and priorities – you’ll get it all. So you can tailor your offering to what will be most successful with that retailer.

You want placement

If you can add value and help retailers achieve their goals, then we expect to get you on the shelf. But you should get more than that.  More than just placement, we’ll get you the right placement.  The right mix to maximize sales, and minimize returns and markdowns.  Shelf space in the right section.  Advertising in the most impactful print and online media.