Jansco Marketing – Manufacturer’s Reps

Sales Representation

For more than 25 years Jansco Marketing has represented leading manufacturers in electronics, video games, toys, consumer and office products. By working closely with the key decision-makers at many of the top retailers and distributors in the country, we help our manufacturers begin, grow and manage long-term, profitable business relationships with a dynamic and growing customer base. It’s all about communication and teamwork; finding synergies that will help our customers and vendors outperform. We specialize in these product categories:

  • Home Entertainment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Toys
  • Sporting Goods
  • Office/Home Office

Key Customers:


Our Approach


Retailers today are busier than ever. This can make it challenging to break through to the merchant, and sometimes our first job is to simply help newer or smaller vendors get in front of the key decision-makers. We work with these retail partners on a daily basis. Jansco can help open the door and get the relationship started.


One of the keys to success at retail is knowing and understanding the customer’s needs. Buyers are more responsive when they know that we “get” their business, and that our aim is to help them achieve their goals. Our relationships with national and regional retailers have been built on many years of helping our customers succeed. Those relationships give suppliers the access they need to fully realize their distribution goals.

Common Ground

Our primary responsibility as manufacturer’s reps is to achieve distribution in our market, and we take that responsibility seriously. Our goal is to always find a win-win, a solution that gets a “yes” from the customer and closes the deal. We believe that there is usually common ground; we just need to find it.


Communication is the life-blood of the customer-vendor relationship. Knowing what is happening at retail is critical to our suppliers. And our customers must be up to speed on the latest products, promotions and opportunities to maximize their business. We have built our organization around making sure that your message gets to retail, and that you are always aware of what is taking place in the market.

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Consulting Services

We’re more than just sales reps.  After 25+ years of bringing products to market, we’ve learned a thing or two.  Leverage our expertise to get to market more quickly, impress your customers with your thoughtful, confident execution, and eliminate costly mistakes along the way.

Retail & Distribution Strategy

Which retailers should you target?   Which ones should you tackle first?  Should you launch your products online, then roll out to brick & mortar?  Do you start with the big box stores right away, or test the waters with smaller, regional accounts?  How many distributors should you engage, and which ones?  How should you price your product?  How much should you budget for marketing, allowances, exit strategies, and in-store displays?  We’ve seen this movie many times, and can help you develop a strategy to achieve your sales & distribution goals.

Product Development

The most innovative products may still need tweaking before they’re retail-ready.  We can help you refine your product line to ensure everything from features and usability to the final packaging design will resonate with retailers and with the end user.

Warehousing & Logistics

Choosing the right 3PL & warehousing partner(s) can make all the difference when executing your sales strategy. We’ve worked with dozens of service providers, large and small, and no two are the same.  Considerations include geography, whether you need drop-ship-to-consumer capability, virtual warehousing, responsiveness, ease of integration with your accounting, and cost.  We can help you navigate this process so you can get down to business.

Sales Communication, Tools & Materials

Make the right first impression with your customers.  And reinforce that good impression when you have your first meeting.  Great sales materials make you look good and help speed communication with your buyers.  Great selling tools make your sales force more effective and more efficient.  Everything from price lists to sell sheets, catalogs, online videos, websites and social media should work together to enhance your brand  and help your team close the sale.  Consider this: a well-designed pricelist can help you streamline communication, make product setup easier, and reduce costly operations and compliance penalties.  Imagine what outstanding PowerPoints and sell sheets can do.  We can help you pull all those pieces together.